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Briggs NP, ain't this the coolest muffler? + how do I get this sleeve off the shaft??

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I bought this briggs NP last fall at an auction mostly because I like the muffler. I gave $10 for the stuck engine with water pump on it hoping I could get the muffler off. Well, turns out the water pump was stuck, the engine is fine.
I have not had experience with this crankshaft setup before. The nut at the case doesn't seem to have anything to do with the sleeve. I just don't know if the sleeve is threaded and needs unscrewed or if I need to get a puller on it, or just carefully grind through the length of it and take it off that way?
At least it isn't a tapered shaft. You never know what you are going to get with water pumps.


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Some of those old engines have the neatest mufflers! I guess i would go with grinding if you can do it without getting into the shaft. Or heating might loosen it if it is only slip on.
Take a sharp chisel and hammer and make a line along the axis of the sleeve. That will expand it and allow you to remove it without damaging the crankshaft.
The chisel trick works and I've also had success with stuck sleeves by supporting the shaft with a sledge hammer and smacking the other side with a heavy hammer. By doing this the length of the sleeve you stretch it and it comes right off.

Either method be sure to support the shaft so you don't bend it.

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