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Briggs Model 326437 Points plunger

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Hi All, I am working on the Briggs 16 hp cast iron single 326437 it was running fine was adjusting the carb when suddenly it started running intermittently like the ignition switch was being turned on / off checked the spark and it was cutting in and out removed the points cover and checked the points and found the they were barely opening tried to adjust them now have no spark and have very little plunger movement what could have happened?? Is it possible to remove the plunger without braking it and not having to open the engine?
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Hi 73Searstractor, I was afraid that was the case, any idea why it would stop working, it move in and out but only a very small amount. The engine was running very nice and just like that it stopped working.
Hi guys, its a points engine I converted it to battery ignition as the magneto as intermittent, was running great. Per my parts manual this engine per type # and date # can not be converted to magnatron ignition, likewise I like points also believe it produces a better spark. Pulling the engine out of this tractor is a bear the engine oil pan is the front axle bolster and you have to half dissemble the tractor to remove the driveshaft.
Brad do you think if I pulled the plunger out that I could fabricate a longer replacement?
Or you maybe right about them only needing to open a bit maybe I should try a new set of points and a condenser before being too rough on the plunger. I was also wondering if removing the front pulley and the bearing cover if you could get at the plunger?
Good Morning all, good news the Briggs is running again, I want to thank all you for the help and suggestions, turns out it was not the plunger or the points nor the condenser, not the spark plug wire but the darn coil I suspected it right away on Saturday and tried another coil with no results so I got off and all the other things. Anyway this morning after being well rested I checked things again and sure enough the coil was bad as was the 2nd one I had tried the 3 rd one was the charm had good spark and the engine started up and runs nice. Both bad coils are now in the trash can and its a matter of tiding things up. Thanks again guys.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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