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Briggs Model 326437 Points plunger

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Hi All, I am working on the Briggs 16 hp cast iron single 326437 it was running fine was adjusting the carb when suddenly it started running intermittently like the ignition switch was being turned on / off checked the spark and it was cutting in and out removed the points cover and checked the points and found the they were barely opening tried to adjust them now have no spark and have very little plunger movement what could have happened?? Is it possible to remove the plunger without braking it and not having to open the engine?
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If this has a battery/coil ignition system (which I doubt), you will have to get the points operating correctly. If it has a Briggs magneto, have the flywheel repolarized and convert the engine to Magnetron ignition. No more points and end of your problems.
Repolarize the flywheel??
Earlier engine can be converted to Magnetron, but the magnets on the flywheel have to be reversed. If it has the magneto under the blower housing, it can be converted. Last I knew, Briggs will do the repolarization for free if you send them the flywheel.
You are correct, the points are easy to access. But once you switch to the Magnetron, you have a maintenance-free ignition system that is impervious to moisture.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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