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Briggs I/C twin series

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Are these motors any good? How's the reliability and longevity on these? I have an 18hp on a Powr Kraft MTD and it really cuts my yard nice, I buy and sell these on the side and am just getting started at it, this is the third of five I've bought and fixed, sold all the others but I like this one. I know my old 8hp Kohler on my Deere is a great motor but I'd like to give it a refresh, so is this Briggs twin worth keeping?

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Well I can't really tell from here but they have been a good solid, reliable engine for 30 years or so.

Walt Conner
We have had quite a few and they seem to be very good engines! The only issue we ever had is magnetos that quit when hot. Seems to be the originals go bad over time. Change them and they are good to go! I have three right now, one horizontal on a Craftsman GT-18. All start easy and run strong!
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