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Briggs electric starters

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Ok question here, I just picked up a Craftsmen 2 lawn tractor with the 18hp Briggs twin motor but the electric start gear is pooched(plastic ) I have the opportunity to buy a Gilson with a 11hp briggs single cylinder Industrial Commercial grade engine. I was wondering if the electric starters are the same on both motors. Thanks
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I have a Briggs Intek V twin 19 HP engine, and a single cylinder I/C Gold 12.5 HP on a Craftsman 2. The starters were the same except that the mounting bracket was different. One was a gold steel bracket, and the single cylinder had an aluminum bracket. I used the starter from the 12.5 HP motor on the twin, but I had to trim the bracket with a cut off wheel.

The gear doesn't cost much. But if you just want a spare, I suggest looking them over first.
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The starters are the same on my Murray 12hp single cylinder and my Sears 19hp twin. As mentioned, the gears are cheap and easy to replace so why not just put a new one on?
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