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A neighbor asked me to look at his inoperative Murray mower. Powered by a 6.5 hp B&S engine. It had sat outside for several months. Fired after priming but would not run. Carb all gummed up. I cleaned out the carb and will install a new needle and seat.

Looking at the carb from the bottom, I see two tubes. One goes directly to the throat and protrudes into the throat. It appears to be brass. I am able to spray cleaner through it. The other tube or passage appears to run parallel to the first one, but does not appear to terminate in the carb throat. I have sprayed B&S carb cleaner through both passages and applied compressed air. The one passage easily passes the air, the second does not appear to.

Does the second passage connect to the first one and form the 'jet' for the carb? Any suggestions how to clean it, or has it already likely been cleaned by the application of carb cleaner and compressed air?

I wish all carbs were as easy to work on as Lawn-boys.

Thanks for any help.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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