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Briggs carb re-built kit

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Got a carb rebuilt kit for my 42B707 and have issue with needle.

The needle included in the kit was a solid metal were the one that came out had a rubber type tip.

Now I used seen the solid needles before but the kits always included a seal that goes into the needle seat to assure the gas flow shut off when the float pushes on it BUT this kit I received included no seal. I was careful opening the kit so I'm almost positive I didn't lose it as the one I have seen are cylinder in shape with hole in the middle where the needle tip goes into.

Without having the seal I just reused the old needle but has there been a change in the carb kits that I'm unaware of? I don't have the kit number with me right now but I'm sure it was the right one as all the other gaskets and parts matched up.
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I'd say you made the right call, as long as you weren't having fuel level issues to start with. The metal to metal needle & seat assemblies have always given me the most fits on small engines. I would assume (I know, that's dangerous) that some of the suppliers (can you say off-shore?) are switching to the all metal designs for cost reasons. I haven't had any bad results from using the Viton tipped needles as of yet with the E-gas.
Madmantrapper, have you ever tried to find one of those o-rings when it has flown out of the carb body just after you prod it with a pick? They bounce, they roll, and they can travel a good distance through the air.
Did I mention they can travel a good distance? And that they are small? And that my eyes are old? Kind of like looking for a needle in a hay stack... Why are you looking there? Because the light is better. Makes just about as much sense as looking where you thought it dropped to the ground. Did I mention they are very very small?
Took hours. But it sure worked good after I put it in place.
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