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Briggs and Stratton Not Starting

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I have a Homelite pump. It has a Briggs and Stratton engine. It has not ran in a few years. It will not start. I have replaced the spark plug. I attached a spark tester and did not see it light up when I pulled the starter cord. Compression is good. I replaced the ignition coil. The old ignition coil black wire was grounded with the ignition coil but the second looks to just go to the engine chassis. The wire at the point where it attaches to the engine is covered in a black rubbery coating. Since I was not sure how to or where to attach the new coil wire (it is blue) I just cut the old wire and butt spliced (the old wire was black) it to the new ignition coil blue wire. But no spark. Should I directly attach the blue wire and if so where should I attach it? I am attaching pictures for reference.
Here is the engine information from the cover.
Model 80232
Type 0556-01
Code 7204253
Thanks everyone for your advice.
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You might try not connecting that wire to anything and seeing if you get a spark. Typically, the coils generate their own power, and the small wire going to them is used to kill the spark by connecting the coil to ground (as in, when you connect that wire to the engine housing, it kills the spark).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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