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Briggs 8hp oil drain stem removal help

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I just pulled an 8hp briggs from a simplicity rear engine. In order to mount it up I need to remove the oil drain stem. It has an odd looking nut. when I loosen it it tightens after several turns and the same in the other direction. Is this some sort of lock nut and once loose then loosen the stem? I'm hesitant to put too much torque on it, dont want it broke off. I could cut it and cap it as an alternative. Removable cap obviously.
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Pictures would help. Is the stem into the block? Sounds cross threaded. You may have to twist it out and re-tap the block.
yes the stem is into the block. I'll try to post a pic.
thanks for the help Larry. I soaked it with penetrator. Then all that was needed was help from the wife. It seems as though all my projects are goin that way lately. Was just being a little too timid for fear of breaking it, but it came out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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