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Briggs 6.75 HP Not Priming

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This is on a Troy built push mower.
engine number, 125K09-0266-E1,
I cant get the primer to push the fuel to the carb.
What I have done to far;
rebuilt and cleaned carb, Replaced float valve and seat, replaced primer bulb.
I know the holes arent clogged cause if I take the straw from a can of carb cleaner and blow into the hole where the primer pushes the fuel, the fuel comes out in the carb, like its suppose to.
I have even used 2 gaskets between the air filter housing and the carb, as suggested by local small engine repair shop.
With the primer housing/air filter housing off, I hold the gasket tightly onto the housing with fingers and pump primer bulb, I can feel and hear the pushing through the hole like its suppose to. But when I assemble everything back together, it wont push the fuel into carb.
After much pulling of the rope and shaking the mower to get fuel into the carb, eventually it will start. Once its started it runs like a new mower, its just getting it started thats the problem.
The only thing I know left to try is replacing the housing with the primer bulb?

Any thoughts before I do that?
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I've had two of those to clean carbs on this year (brother and son)and both times I had problems getting them to prime after reinstalling the filter housing. Mine had little tits on the filter box that fit holes in the gasket. The gaskets seemed to want to stay with the carb when they come apart but need to be on the filter housing when reassembling. Red, do you always change the gasket?
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