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Briggs 17HP Fuel Pump?

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I have a 17Hp Briggs 310707-0137-E1 and just replaced the carburetor (new) and turned over the engine. It appeared that fuel was leaking out of the carb throat. I did not have the housing completely assembled and was wondering where is the fuel pump? The line goes from the tank, to the filter, to the carb. Is this gravity fed?

I replaced the filter (small disc type) with a larger domed shaped one. Also, my old carb had no solenoid attached to the bowl and my new one does. There is the two prong wire coming from the engine. Should I connect the solenoid, remove it, or what?

Thanks much in advance!

I’m awaiting a new starter for this engine as it’s totally rusted tight inside. Must be the original and PO was whacking at it pretty good.
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Well the fuel filter is not your problem. IF you used the filter intended for an engine with fuel pump then the engine would starve for fuel. Fuel running out the carb would have nothing to do with the filter anyway. Carb float needle is not seating, new carb or not. Simple fix is install a fuel line shut off valve and use it.

Walt Conner
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