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Briggs 17HP Fuel Pump?

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I have a 17Hp Briggs 310707-0137-E1 and just replaced the carburetor (new) and turned over the engine. It appeared that fuel was leaking out of the carb throat. I did not have the housing completely assembled and was wondering where is the fuel pump? The line goes from the tank, to the filter, to the carb. Is this gravity fed?

I replaced the filter (small disc type) with a larger domed shaped one. Also, my old carb had no solenoid attached to the bowl and my new one does. There is the two prong wire coming from the engine. Should I connect the solenoid, remove it, or what?

Thanks much in advance!

I’m awaiting a new starter for this engine as it’s totally rusted tight inside. Must be the original and PO was whacking at it pretty good.
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Is it a Nikki or walbro on there now? The carb is not shutting off or sealing. Nikkis have a gasket and can get pinched or not even have an o-ring where they should and leak into the throat all day long.
Somebody swapped wrong carb or listed wrong numbers in carb listing. About any of them will work but if it is right one for engine numbers it will have solenoid or not have it like old one did.
If you have a solenoid then you have to have 12v to it when cranking and key on or it won't run.
You can put bolt from old carb if it fits to eliminate it if need be or cut the tip off at many do ....ashame to ruin a good one though. They use to be 68.00!! The BIGGEST RIP OFF in mower parts...Now they are 9-13 and come with 20.00 carbs.
Ahh, the good 'new' days...kinds. Lol

Often a new carb can have a piece of plastic or a fuel line piece will get in there and hold needle valve open.
You will have to remove bowl and take off float pin and float and needle and blow out seat and wipe off tip. I use q-tip in seat but MAKE SURE no fuzz gets left behind. I use carb spray then air after that.

If you see ANY black rubbery specks....replace the fuel line all the way from gas tank.
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