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Briggs 17HP Fuel Pump?

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I have a 17Hp Briggs 310707-0137-E1 and just replaced the carburetor (new) and turned over the engine. It appeared that fuel was leaking out of the carb throat. I did not have the housing completely assembled and was wondering where is the fuel pump? The line goes from the tank, to the filter, to the carb. Is this gravity fed?

I replaced the filter (small disc type) with a larger domed shaped one. Also, my old carb had no solenoid attached to the bowl and my new one does. There is the two prong wire coming from the engine. Should I connect the solenoid, remove it, or what?

Thanks much in advance!

I’m awaiting a new starter for this engine as it’s totally rusted tight inside. Must be the original and PO was whacking at it pretty good.
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If the gas line goes from the filter to the carb it's probably gravity as usually there's a fuel pump in between mounted on the engine shroud. "Generally" a gravity feed system has a different fuel filter than one with a pump, gravity feed filter media has larger holes if memory serves. Make sure you have the right filter for fuel system. You will have to connect 12V to the solenoid when the key is "on" or the solenoid will not allow fuel to enter the carb. The wires "coming from the engine" could b for the solenoid OR they might be the front light wiring quick disconnect. If you have a meter, easy enough to see if they're energized from the key switch or light switch. It's curious that your replacement carb has a solenoid and the old one didn't? There is a way to force the solenoid to be open all the time, maybe someone did that. Took a quick look and that engine does have a solenoid on the carb so the wiring might be for it. I'm sure more knowledgeable folks will chime in shortly.

Good luck,
The carb diagram I found for the engine shows two carbs Walhpro and Nikki. Some bowls shown have a solenoid. It’s pretty clear my two wires are for connecting a solenoid, they are immediately under the carb and wouldn’t reach elsewhere.

The fuel tank sits right above the engine so there appears no fuel pump. PO may have put both wrong carb and filter. From what I’ve read, the small disc type are for fuel pump systems. Which should be used for gravity fed? The larger, clear football shaped ones?

Thanks everyone for your replies!
What is the name and model model number of your machine? (tractor)

If the new carb has a solenoid on the bottom of the bowl you either have to connect 12v for a run or remove it or rig a bypass.

Might be able to remove the solenoid and use the bowl retainer nut from the old carb.

To see if you have gravity feed, just remove the fuel line at the carb and look for fuel flow out of the gas line. (using too fine a filter on a gravity fed engine will cause the engine to starve for fuel under a heavy load.

If gravity feed you should use a Briggs red filter, if fuel pump use a white filter. (you can review such on-line as to why and the micron rating)

Kinda appears that when you were messing around with your fuel lines you sent some trash to the new carb needle and seat causing the fuel to leak at the carb throat. This is a common thing when fooling around with old fuel lines. small rubber pieces and gunk is broken up up when removing/installing a old fuel line. (filter only filters the trash between it and the fuel tank)

AND also install a fuel line petcock and turn it off when the mower is being stored or not running. This petcock will also help reduce the chance of the crankcase getting flooded with gas during storage and reduce chance of a fire hazard when storing the tractor due to gas leaking from the carb/engine area onto the ground or floor of a shop.
All this makes sense. Thank you. Sears Craftsman 917 2711652. I used new fuel lines, blew out the lines with compressed air, and ran some gas through the lines before connecting to the carb. I supposed I could just swap out the bowl from the old to the new one and see how well it seats.
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