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Briggs 16hp single- intermittent smoke

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I started up my used 16hp single Briggs engine on my 8162 yesterday. It smoked a touch on start up and ran OK. After about 2 minutes at WOT it started belching out gobs of blue smoke and had a loss of power. It was most impressive the amount of smoke it produced. It was like the Blitz Fogger on my father's SC.

I decided to let it run and then it stopped smoking after a minute and ran just fine. I started it again today and it did the same thing. I am thinking the problem is a cracked piston. Once it thoroughly heats up, the crack closes and it stops burning oil. Does that seem reasonable?

Maybe something with the crankcase ventilation system?

Is there anything else it could be?

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That's an easy engine to re-ring, you can do it in situ. I don't think you'll find any problem with the breather. It probably has too much blowby when cold.
Do you mean like this? Unfortunately, it has no provision for an electric starter and I don't know what the crankshaft looks like, but it would be an interesting conversion.


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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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