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Briggs 16 hp dipstick length needed

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I need the length of the dipstick from the top of the metal cap to the "FULL" mark on a 16hp single cylinder Briggs engine. The PO broke the dipstick, repaired it and never affixed the cap on the stick. As a result depending on where the cap is located, it is either overfilled by a quart or a gallon low or somewhere inbetween.
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I was pouring in oil from a jug and didn't pay any attention to the marking on the side of the jug. When I put the dipstck in I noticed that things were moving around. I really didn't want to go out in the cold, drain it, measure what came out, etc.
LOL. The cold?!?! What is the temperature in Texas tonight?

A cold front moved in last night so it is 43 degrees out there.

Yesterday the high was 73. :thThumbsU
Which one? I will have to measure what I have and see if anything makes sense.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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