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Bought Tiller would like to know the brand

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I bought a tiller the other day and it does not have any identification on what brand or model the tiller is. I really would like help to find out what the brand of the tiller is. I have attachec a picture of the tiller and if any one has seen one like it, I would really thank you to help me out to tell me the brand.

Thanks Larry



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Interesting.The styling and colors look similar to my Bob-Cat snowthrower!I'm not sure if they made tillers???
looks like a gilson or a wards which are really the same but color would make you think old cub cadet bob
looks like a gilson or a wards which are really the same but color would make you think old cub cadet bob
I don't think it's a Gilson, as I have one and it looks nothing like the one in the photo. The Gilson had an unusual handle set up. It rotated to the side so you didn't walk in the tilled soil but maintain full two hand control. As it would go faster in reverse than forward, the handle would rotate 180 degrees so you could run it (backwards) to and from the shed.
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Yup either a Gilson or Montgomery Ward
I have a gilson and a Wizard (same thing) at my place and they look nothing like that one. It could be a gilson but I doubt it.
First Larry, I'd like to welcome you to the forum! Glad to have you here. As to what your tiller is? I can with all certainty say it is NOT a Troy-Bilt. I am sure I have seen one like it before, but I don't remember where, or what it was.
Hmmmm. Hard to say, but I had a Sears Craftsman 5 hp that looked very similar to that, but I believe the drive belts were on the opposite side of the frame, and motor was the opposite. Handles and wheels look like, though.
I have one just like that & it's a Huskee 5hp. It's painted origional orange instead of the yellow or beige. Hope this helps you. wes2
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