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Bought my first tractor - B7300

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Found a b7300 today and will be picking it up later this week.

Tractor has 271 hours, an allied front loader, 5foot rear blade, and filled turf tires. Looks to be in real good shape, hst drove smoothly, and hydraulics in loader seemed smooth.

I've already got a long list of things it'll eventually do, and I'm hoping the ground around here is kind to a post hole digger...

I would have loved the bx that the same guy had for sale with TLB, but that was too far outside my budget, so I'll just "get" to rent a mini excavator for the two deep trenches I've got on my honey-do list.

I'm looking forward to getting it home!
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I have an original Kubota operator/owners manual for your B7300 that I will send you for $15 shipped. PM me if interested. I have a 7100 and don't need it. This is not a reprint, it is original manual #6C090-63110.


Bill, the owner is looking for the one he has "around here somewhere". If it doesn't show up, I'll shoot you a pm.

Now i've got to figure out if I get a plow and a disk, or a tiller.... And where to find a post hole digger....

I can't wait to get it home and get started on my list.
I understand. Just let me know.
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