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I slammed into a flat faced rock behind a bush very hard; bent the rim beyond repair. Was lucky not to hurt my neck; windshield put quite a lump on my noggin.

Went looking for a wheel, which was quite difficult for two local dealers to identify. I couldn't find it aftermarket, and the dealers also searched aftermarket without luck. Picked it up today. I'm in Canada (Ottawa area), but we get paid in Canadian dollars here so the "but it's $CAD" sort of makes it better, but not really. Tax in (13% here) , I paid CAD$607 (US$483) for this single steel rim (8.25 x 16.5). If that is any indication of the cost of parts for this tractor, I'd better learn to be a whole lot more careful!

I've not owned this 2018 1758 for very long, so if anyone has good advice for part sources I'm all ears.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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