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Hello! New forum member here. I've poked around a bit and I thought I'd post about my new (used) tractor and ask for some advice.

I bought this little machine from a coworker for $600. It's the 3 cylinder version with a horizontal exhaust on the left- an Iseki 1502, I think? It starts and runs great but there are a few issues.

1) The water pump locked up yesterday when I went to move it out of the weather. Are the "new" pumps on ebay worth buying or should I go directly to a trusted online vendor. If so, from whom do I purchase a pump?

2) The boot over the gear selector is gone and currently replaced with a plastic funnel to keep water and dirt out of the gearbox. I suppose any boot with the right dimensions will work. Any suggestions for a source?

3) The blade mounting hardware looks bent and beat up. I can't tell if the bends are original or not. Should I let it go until it becomes a problem?

4) The 3 point hitch is missing balance and limit turnbuckles. Should I look for used ones or buy a complete hitch kit so I don't have to mess with it?

5) The clutch release bearing is making an awful racket any time my foot is on the pedal. I suppose I'd have to split the tractor to replace it. Do you suppose there is any way (and is it worth it) to attempt to get some oil to the bearing? If I split the tractor I might as well do the clutch and the seals on the engine and trans as well. How difficult is it to split the tractor?

6) The previous owner never had the mower deck on the tractor and it sat and rusted for quite a few years. I'd like to reinstall it but I'm missing the mounting hardware- the links from the front to the deck, the cables, and the lift arms that mount to the three point hitch. Should I look for them or just cut to the chase and start fabricating?

Or- should I just buy a used 48" woods finish mower?

I'm a competent welder and I have access to a machine shop so I'm not afraid to jump in if I have to!

I'm sure I'll have other questions. Thanks!



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