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Bored and cant sleep, thought id share my dream tractor i wanna build when i hit the lotto lmao.
1980ish Case 446 with Kubota diesel engine transplant, heavy duty front spidels (the 5 bolt hub kind), Hard side cab with removable doors and kick *** sterio system and fancy fans so i can beat the heat, some kind power inverter thingy to power all the accsesorys, LED lights and lots of em, a big ol stack, comfy seat with armrests, aftermarket Airaid style air filter, upgraded radiator/cooling system, huge dual ags with weights, 3 point hitch with tons of attachments, quick attach loader, and to top it all off a Ingersoll tow behind mower and a Swisher tow behind brush cutter because with all the other stuff a mid mount deck probably wouldnt work lol. Man after rereading that, thats a buch of jibberish lol but many moons from now id love to build the beast I just typed out lol
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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