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I want turf tires for my Japanese late 1970's diesel sub-compact tractor, and keep my ag tires on current dedicated wheels. The lug pattern is not commonly found on modern sub- or utility tractors.

It's the wheels that I need. Brand of tractor/wheels does not matter, as the reference charts never seem to be applicable. I am looking for used options from any make of tractor, as long as the wheels match. I am not interested in buying new wheels.

I am assuming that responders will have measured the wheel dimentions, versus lookup in a reference guide.

Front (could be rear lawn tractor wheels?):
4 lug
Lug hole to opposite lug hole : 5.1" (130 mm)
Pilot or center hole diameter : 3.53" (90mm )

Rear :
6 lug
Lug hole to opposite lug hole : 6.5"
Pilot hole diameter : 5.25"

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