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Bolens QT16 - broken engine

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Hi guys. I have a HUGE problem with my Bolens QT16. the engine is blwon...
I have to buy a new engine. What sholud i do???

The prices in Norway/Sweden is NOTHING like the prices in the US. Example:

Honda GX twin 20hp: 3500 USD
Briggs twin 18 hp: 2500 USD

Honda GX 13hp (singel cylinder): 1200 USD
Loncin 15hp (singel cylinder): 600 USD
Kipor 10hp diesel (singel cylinder) 600 USD

Will a singel cylinder work in my Bolens QT16? Will ti handle snowplowing heavy and wet snow? I only use it at winter for snowplowing....

I think its insane to use 2500 usd on the engine :(

I hope you can help med here, would the Hodnda GX390 / Loncin 15Hp singel cylinder work?

And how to I connect the drive shaft? the engine in my tractor is mounted in the "wrong diretion"? Can i somehow connect the drive shaft at the recoil starter?
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I recently repowered my QT16. Put in a 18hp B&S kit in it. It bolted right in, the wires hooked up, and came with all differnt cables required. It cost $1440 if I remember right. That was this fall. We bought it on eBay, it came from Small Engine Warehouse.
Sorry, forgot about the shipping/Norway thing.

If the tractor is at all decent, or you are going to keep taking care of it...if you can get that Honda or Loncin in there fairly easily..I'd go with that.
Ok, so no one knows :)

Before i begin my breakdown og the QT, can someone tell me how the driveshaft is connected to the Sundstrand? i have to take the rear end off, how do I remove the drive shaft? Is it boltet on? If someone has a picture on how its removed i would be VERY happy... I will be posting pictures when my project is up and running....
Yah, I don't know the answer to the previous question about bolt size and holes..

We just repowered my QT16 (1666) and the driveshaft just slid right off of the hydro unit, it was bolted to the engine. The shaft I had just "floated" at the hydro for lenght variation... I wasn't too happy with that, so I had a custom driveshaft fabbed up with a sliding spline and it bolted to both ends (engine and hydro).
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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