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Bolens QT16 - broken engine

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Hi guys. I have a HUGE problem with my Bolens QT16. the engine is blwon...
I have to buy a new engine. What sholud i do???

The prices in Norway/Sweden is NOTHING like the prices in the US. Example:

Honda GX twin 20hp: 3500 USD
Briggs twin 18 hp: 2500 USD

Honda GX 13hp (singel cylinder): 1200 USD
Loncin 15hp (singel cylinder): 600 USD
Kipor 10hp diesel (singel cylinder) 600 USD

Will a singel cylinder work in my Bolens QT16? Will ti handle snowplowing heavy and wet snow? I only use it at winter for snowplowing....

I think its insane to use 2500 usd on the engine :(

I hope you can help med here, would the Hodnda GX390 / Loncin 15Hp singel cylinder work?

And how to I connect the drive shaft? the engine in my tractor is mounted in the "wrong diretion"? Can i somehow connect the drive shaft at the recoil starter?
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I don,t see why a 16 hp kohler or briggs would,n work .my 1650 snapper has a 16 hp kohler. my qt has the 16 onan.which is in the same shape as yours. but we can buy engines for around 350 to 400 dollars here.I would use any engine that will bolt up.
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