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Bolens QT16 - broken engine

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Hi guys. I have a HUGE problem with my Bolens QT16. the engine is blwon...
I have to buy a new engine. What sholud i do???

The prices in Norway/Sweden is NOTHING like the prices in the US. Example:

Honda GX twin 20hp: 3500 USD
Briggs twin 18 hp: 2500 USD

Honda GX 13hp (singel cylinder): 1200 USD
Loncin 15hp (singel cylinder): 600 USD
Kipor 10hp diesel (singel cylinder) 600 USD

Will a singel cylinder work in my Bolens QT16? Will ti handle snowplowing heavy and wet snow? I only use it at winter for snowplowing....

I think its insane to use 2500 usd on the engine :(

I hope you can help med here, would the Hodnda GX390 / Loncin 15Hp singel cylinder work?

And how to I connect the drive shaft? the engine in my tractor is mounted in the "wrong diretion"? Can i somehow connect the drive shaft at the recoil starter?
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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