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Bolens HT20 2087

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I would like to inqiure about a part I require.
Apologies for not posting in the FS section as I figured
I would get more info/traffic here,Thanks!
The tractor I am working on is a Bolens HT20 2087
serial 0200301
I require one replacement motor to transaxle driveshaft complete with universal joints,
If you have a good/new condition one available,Please respond here
or PM me,
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Yeah what mrcaptainbob said. I needed u-joints, so I ordered them from a recommended vendor that Im sure youll hear about before too long, and it has been going on three weeks waiting for my parts! I walked into TSC as mrcaptainbob suggested and there they were on the shelf! Alot cheaper too. Good luck finding the whole unit though. There are a few places to order from in the states, but I bet you wont like the prices!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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