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Bolens HT Driveshaft question

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Took apart my HT18 to do U joints, and because the driveshaft was not ROCK tight on the output shaft, but after observing the driveshaft after disassmbly, the back of the driveshaft does not have a set screw to lock on. Driveshaft must have been like that for years, and the output shaft is in mint condtion. Any help would be great! Any of you guys with HT18s or HT20s, let me know if your driveshaft is the same way! Thanks so much!
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If you are referring to the yoke on the hydro input shaft, there is no set screw there. Only the one that holds the fan from spinning.
The front drive shaft yoke (on the engine crankshaft) should have a set screw over the keyway, and some have a second one 90 degrees from that, and they often have a cross-hole that may align with a hole through the engine shaft, allowing a keeper bolt to be used there.
Upon final assembly, there should be 1/8" space between the hydro yoke end and the face of the charge pump. The reason it is designed this way is for to avoid heat expansion pushing on the hydro shaft. Instead, the yoke can move fore-aft slightly on the shaft.

Only a two-piece drive shaft with a sliding center can be set-screwed on both ends.
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So the driveshaft should not be rock right on the output shaft?

This makes sense, because my father added a set screw to an 1886 years ago, and years later, the output shaft was wrecked. The output shaft on this HT18 is fin, and has no damage. Thanks for the help!
No set screws on one piece drive shafts, set screws on two piece drive shafts, putting set screw on one piece drive shafts will in time cause problems, my two cents.
Thanks for help guys!
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