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bolens h16 electronic ign --no spart--intermittant

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My Bolens has an intermittent spark issue. When it has spark to the plug it will start right up. Then it will lose the spark and is dead. Sometimes it will run for hrs.
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If the ignition switch is not grounding out the coil the accessable wiring is sound and your running out of ideas,you can check the wire coming out of the back of the stator below the SSI unit for chafing/cracks/ground. I had a G14 that gave me fits for a year intermittently no spark,missing died,restarted.I even changed the SSI a couple times always ran great after because I was moving the chafed wire while changing.Always died in the back forty too.Finally dead ground- was in the garden when it died too.Not the first thing I'd check but if you are running out of ideas in your troubleshooting-it happened to me! Later Steve!!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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