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bolens h16 electronic ign --no spart--intermittant

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My Bolens has an intermittent spark issue. When it has spark to the plug it will start right up. Then it will lose the spark and is dead. Sometimes it will run for hrs.
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I've had this tractor for years and it has always given me problems. I let it sit for a month and the spark reappears(?) I have replaced the switch which was bad but the situation is still there. The wires look good and I see no chafing. I hate to spend the $180 for an ign system if it is not the issue. I now have a project for the bucket if I can get it going. I used to mow my whole yard with this machine until this problem showed up. I checked the coil when the spark is there and it looks good.

Bosmech, I do live close to you and appreciate your offer. Let me know if you can work something out.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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