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Bolens G16YT aka 2016G
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Gibraltar, Michigan - Bolens G14XL For Sale​

Bought this as a restore or part-out venture and realize that I'll likely never get to it. I think I'm selling it too cheap, but I want to sell it fast soooo, your good fortune...:dancingpa

I inspected this machine for any damage or rust through and did not find any.

Everything looks to be in good working order.
Stearing is tight with no play.
Clutch, breaks, trans, lift mechanism, etc., seem to work fine.
Wiring harness is in tact.
Rear wheels look almost new.
Nothing broken that I can find. (except the seat)

A few new pully's and an engine...:drunkie:

Thanks for looking...:thanku:

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I got a 1468 and you can almost mow in 4th gear with it.
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