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Bolens G14XL MDL 1461 Engine Questions

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The G14XL shows using a Tecumseh Engine OH 140-160027 A/B/C...:fing32:

Anyone know other engines that will slide right in there...:thThumbsU

I just want to get it re-powered...:bannana:
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how about an OH 160 or OH180? other than another OH series engine, i don't think anything will "slide right in".
that looks like a pretty nice tractor, looks nicer than my H16XL, also with no deck but i have no plan to add one.
Post some pics of your G16 with some under the hood shots...

all GxxXL tractors are the same except for the size of the engine, same with HxxXL's. G stands for geared trans and H is hydro. mine is a hydro. i think i saw yours posted CL, had it been an H i may have considered it, my father-inlaw is a truck driver and i may have been able to arrange a deal with him.

i'm in the process of fixing a few things and modifying a few. it will soon have a snowplow and a stack. i'll hold off on the pics till then.
that says for large frame. will it fit a medium frame?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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