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Bolens G14XL MDL 1461 Engine Questions

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The G14XL shows using a Tecumseh Engine OH 140-160027 A/B/C...:fing32:

Anyone know other engines that will slide right in there...:thThumbsU

I just want to get it re-powered...:bannana:
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how about an OH 160 or OH180? other than another OH series engine, i don't think anything will "slide right in".
I think you are correct about nothing else slidding right in there...May just need to wait for the OEM OH140 to rear it's ugly head sometime, somewhere...:thSick:

I was just hoping that another Bolen's guy might say "Sure Engine MDL and Type will slide right in". Fat chance of that happening...:fing20:

But, hope is all we Bolen's lovers have...I've been very lucky, personally with my G16YT...:trink40:

Maybe someone will come up with an alternative or have a OH140 available...:praying:
What is wrong with the one that's in the tractor now?

Got it without an engine or deck, just the tractor...:greendr:
I sold the tractor to a guy that wanted to take over the re-build and use it to plow snow...:fing32:

I'll stick with concentrating on continuing to spiff up my Bolens 2016G...:fing02:

That is a nice big tractor though...:eck21:

I really wish I had the room to just store it for a year or so and then get to what it needed...mainly a deck...Had to let it go...:sorry1:


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that looks like a pretty nice tractor, looks nicer than my H16XL, also with no deck but I have no plan to add one.
I was impressed with it...Built really heavy with lots of 1/4" steel...:thThumbsU

It was probably 25% bigger than my 2016G...:greendr:

Too bad we aren't closer I'd have let you have it real cheap...:fing32:

I was told, correct me if I'm wrong, that the only difference in the G11, G12, G14, G18, was the engine horse power...That you could swap any of the engines with the other...:lalala:

Personally, on that big of a machine I'd want at least the 16hp or bigger, if I could get it...:sidelaugh

A friend of mine came over and told me "Hey there's a guy selling the exact same tractor as yours". All he really knew was it was white with green Bolens stickers on it. When I got over there they guy who had it knew he had a Bolens but only cared about making a buck off it...:fing20:

I low balled and harrassed they guy for about a week and he sold it to me. That made 6 tractors in my pole barn...Something had to give...:thSick:

I sold it for the same price I paid after listing it on craigslist for 6 months without a single inquiry...:banghead3

I think it's the part of the country, being here in Michigan...Down south good solid equipment is appreciated, where, up here people are just "Machine Stupid". If something doesn't work right, they run to Home Depot and buy a new piece of junk they can throw away in a few years...:Stop:
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that looks like a pretty nice tractor, looks nicer than my H16XL, also with no deck but i have no plan to add one.
Ever want to make a road trip...I know the guy who bought it and he's having a hard time getting an engine for it...He'd probably sell it cheap...:thThumbsU
that looks like a pretty nice tractor, looks nicer than my H16XL, also with no deck but i have no plan to add one.
Post some pics of your G16 with some under the hood shots...

What you sold that ?
That is one nice Bolens I would have restored it then sold it. : (
Would have like to have just stored it and waited for the engine and deck to come along, but who knows how long that would take...:fing20:

At least I didn't sell it and a week later both fell into my lap...:crybaby:

Yea, machines like that don't come along very often...:sorry1:
all GxxXL tractors are the same except for the size of the engine, same with HxxXL's. G stands for geared trans and H is hydro. mine is a hydro. i think i saw yours posted CL, had it been an H i may have considered it, my father-inlaw is a truck driver and i may have been able to arrange a deal with him.

i'm in the process of fixing a few things and modifying a few. it will soon have a snowplow and a stack. i'll hold off on the pics till then.
Ahhh, that is interresting information...and yea, it was on CL for awhile...may be again if the guy who bought it isn't able to power it up...:crybaby:

Cx CL for this link if you want to see a nice Snowthrower attachment...

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