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Bolens Front end Bolts Access? Front end falling off! Broken Bolts.

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Hello, I have a 1556 and two 12hp 70's models with the same front "a frame" that holds the pto mount and spindles for the steering axles ect.
I have found the four bolts loosened up and three broke. I had to remove the broken pieces and bought hardened replacements. Two bolts are unobstructed while two towards the rear have their heads under the engine! Tightening them is barely possible with an open end wrench.

Since I have to remove the broken two bolts from the frame holes how do I get clearance, either raise up the engine? or lower the frame tubes?, neither of which I know would be the best or how much work must be done. Or is there some other way? Is there some preferred way to do this job?????

Learned a good lesson here, keep an eye on them. I only found the problem when the belts and mower deck started to act up, I squeezed the belts and saw the pto assembly rocking, because the front end was ready to fold up on its self, AAAARRGGGGG!
Thanks for the help, jim
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Hi Jim,
I would reccomend simply disconnecting the wiring and removing the engine. It is heavy, but liftable by one person without too much grief. It is held on by 4 Bolts.

What about the output pulleys for hydro, do all the belts have to come off?
Yes the belts will need to come off the engine pulley. Once you have the mount bolts for the engine removed, you can tip the motor to give the belts enough room to slip off the pulleys.

Don't know why i assumed those stupid bolts were not ever to be checked.
Pretty poor way to attach it, since once loose the tube holes can be enlarged. I noticed these flat stiffener plates, how many will there be and do i position them somewhere?
It is the 1556 hydrostatic.
The engine does not have to come all the way out. Younger brother had same problem on 1556 and with couple of people you can pry/rock engine up enough to tighten bolts. Many hands make light work 1/2 hour project once pto and drive belts are off.
Going thru the same repair on my G12. All four bolts broke off in the casting and are proving to be a challenge to get out. I've gotten two of them out by drilling clear thru them and soaking with PB Blaster and adding heat and an EazyOut. Other two I've ended up drilling oversize and am in the process of tapping to the new, 3/8" size. The cast is the hardest I've ever run across, usually I have little trouble tapping castings but this stuff must be half nickel or something. I've ordered a couple of long taper taper taps with shallow threads to get them started. A regular taper tap will not do the job. Have to start with the shallow thread and work my way out thru a plug and then bottoming taps.

If you have broken off bolts you'll have to remove the casting from the tractor to get to them. Don't get in a rush cause if it's similar to mine it's going to take awhile.

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