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Bolens 800 with a toasted Transmission

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Hi Guys a friend of mine gave me a Bolens 800 with a clone Wisconsin from an Army Generator with magneto ignition.... got this running over the w/e very well and was feeling good until I tried to move it.... barely moves.... clutch is good rear axle pin is in, transmission shaft is turning.... but no wheels turning.

Called my friend apparently last winter when he got a rock stuck in the snowblower he towed the Bolens into the barn with a big tractor since he did not know he could release the pin to the rear axle my guess is he tore-up the worm gear in the tranny..... so any suggestions here.....

How difficult to fix are there any easy swap transmissions out there i.e. Case, Cub Cadet or Allis Chalmers???? Thanks never care much for the Bolens grinders anyway. Thanks


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I believe there are set screws that go from differential housing to axle. Might not be a bad idea to check those before anything else. Also check for a broken axle.
Tear into it and find the issue, they aren't that hard to figure out. Post what you need, someone will probably have one laying around.
There is a key in the driveshaft coupling at the trans. that could be sheared/wore not turning the input shaft, my two cents.
Not a bad looking tractor,look into it,pm me with your needs,I can probably help you out,Rick web site: Ricks Bolens Parts
so I took the seat and covers off the transmission and indeed the "T" drive shaft Union to the Transmission input shaft was cracked and the 3/16th keyway broken and misshapen.... Might someone have the "T" union.... Pics attached. Thanks


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Looks like it was just slipping on the shaft, any damage to the transmission input shaft?

I dont have any extra new ones to offer you at the moment but maybe someone else has one to offer you, can probably find a used one no problem as they are a common part.
The input shaft is a little buggered-up but the "T" drive shaft connector took the brunt of the damage..... you are correct my only chance is a good used one from someone who has one. Help someone.....
I know where you can get a new one if you want, e-mail me at [email protected] if I can help, changed lots of them over the years, my two cents.
You could also make a new one - get a steel weld on hub for a gear or pulley with the correct diameter hole and keyway. Then take a piece of flat steel and drill it for the two bolt holes - center the two pieces and weld them together - just a suggestion if you cannot find a good one.
Hi, I have a NEW OLD STOCK one,I sent you a pm,Thanks, Rick
web site: Ricks Bolens Parts
So I ground out (v) slotted the cracks triple weld them and took my time.... put it back in with a new 3/16ths key..... changed the oil started it up and ran it up an down all my hills and valleys so far so good... will keep you posted if it fails again I will replace it then.
Glad you got her fixed

Thats quite the engine in there! Whats the model and serial of the Wisconsin?

If you havent already I would suggest doing your rear axle endplay as I'm sure the previous owner hasent been doing it every 50 hours.
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Glad you got it fixed,you need anything else just ask
There are no tags or serial #'s on this engine, PO split and old army generator and put the engine on this tractor. It is an old Wisconsin with magneto ignition, I cleaned the points raised the gas tank 1" (to aid gravity flow to the carb) fixed the pull starter and she cough and caught .... basically runs like a charm..... so that's when I started on the transmission.
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