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Bolens 800 Transmisson Repair

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I have a Bolens Husky 800 tractor with a 3 speed transmission. The input shaft to the transmission needs to be replaceed. The keyway in the shaft has become worn down probably due to the jarring from plowing snow. I have tried a new key but it eventually slips. The tractor moves, stops, then moves again.
My question is how hard is it to replace the input shaft? I consider myself fairly good in mechanical aptitude. Do I need special tools? Would it be better to find a repair shop? Just wondering what I might be getting into. I have the Bolens manual but it only talks about putting the transmission together not disassembly.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
St. Joseph, Michigan
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Thank you all for your comments:
BOLENSBOY60- I wish the shaft was splined but it isn't.
FARMERALL- I read the manual again. It does not sound too hard but then I have a brother named Murphy. lol The shaft from the 850 is the same one I need. What are you asking?
JASON4567- I agree finding a shop that will work on a 50 year old machine might be a challenge as well as the cost. It may be worth looking into another axle. Where do you find one for $50? I will try to get some pictures this weekend and post them. I need to remove the drive shaft.
I have attached some pictures of the shaft.I have a friend who owns a pattern shop. I asked if he could cut a new keyway on the opposite side of the shaft. He hemmed and hawed and did not give me a positive answer so I believe the shafrt must be hardened making for a difficult job. What is wierd is that the cast iron shaft coupling is almost perfect. Why couldn't that have worn out?
I like the idea of removing the unit from the tractor. It might make getting into it a lot easier.


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The key in the picture is not the original. I put this one in a few years ago and the problem went away for a while. It is funny that the shaft coupling shows hardly any wear. You would think it would go first being a softer metal.
Thanks for the link to Craigslist.
I wish you guys were closer too.
I am trying to remember but I am pretty sure I havve also replaced the shaft coupling. I think everything was kind of nurled down which makes more sense. The key was never an problemto remove. I think the slamming with the snow plow did it's damage over the years as opposed to constant movement with a mower.
Some history - If you noticed the cut out by the air cleaner and the two pieces of sheet metal on the hood, the original owner had removed the stock 8HP engine and replaced it with a 10HP Kohler. When I first saw it there was one headlight in the middle of the hood and I said "Who would buy anything that ugly?" HA I did.
I found a local repair shop that will repair the transmission at a good rate.
Since I was going to remove the tranmisson/axle anyway I am going to take the cover off and see if I can fix it myself. I will probably get a shaft and seal from Sam's Bolens. I hope to start it soon when the weather gets warmer (it was 62 today but that is not normal). I will let you know of my progress.
Thanks for all your input and ideas.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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