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Bolens 800 Transmisson Repair

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I have a Bolens Husky 800 tractor with a 3 speed transmission. The input shaft to the transmission needs to be replaceed. The keyway in the shaft has become worn down probably due to the jarring from plowing snow. I have tried a new key but it eventually slips. The tractor moves, stops, then moves again.
My question is how hard is it to replace the input shaft? I consider myself fairly good in mechanical aptitude. Do I need special tools? Would it be better to find a repair shop? Just wondering what I might be getting into. I have the Bolens manual but it only talks about putting the transmission together not disassembly.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
St. Joseph, Michigan
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The key in the picture is not the original. I put this one in a few years ago and the problem went away for a while. It is funny that the shaft coupling shows hardly any wear. You would think it would go first being a softer metal.
Thanks for the link to Craigslist.
If you were closer I have a 1253 (no engine) you could have the whole thing. It will be to bad tho see it go to salvage.
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