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Bolens 1886 with K486 Charging issues

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Bolens 1886 with K482 Charging issues

I am doing a overhaul on the engine for my Brother-in-Law in his 1886. As it turns out I really like this machine. Its in great shape, except that the previous owner ran the engine into the ground.

My Brother-inLaw, Uncle Danny, purchased it, noticed it was making noise and took it over to your freindly neighborhood take it apart guy. After it was dismantled he determined it was going to need a couple of new rods, pistons ect. Thousand bucks ought to do it!

Well Uncle Danny packages it all up and drags it home, where it sits for 10 years. I come along and ask, "what are going to do with that?" He says get 'er going some day. We decide he will never do it, so I box up the remnats and start the process.

Remember, I did not take it apart.

Well I take the engine block over the machine shop, and the machinist just happens to really like doing old Kohler engines. He measures it all up and realize it needs the full Monty. Oversize pistons, undersize rods, new valve guides and valves, all the bearings, gaskets and seals.

It took some time to source it all but in a nut shell the engine is complete, installed and running.

But! It wont charge the battery.

It has a 30 amp alternator with a AC-DC rectifier. I did all the book procedures to test it high and low. The stator has 4 wires. 2 black AC output, and 2 red ones. The test shows 2 ohms between the black wires and that tests good, and .1 ohms over the 2 red ones, and they test out. The wires are not open and do not ground out to the stator. The regulator tests good as well.

The only issue I can see is that there is like a small piece of one of the magnets in the flywheel has flown off. There is still I'd guess a half magnet in there, it grabs metal anyway. All the other magnets are intact.

I traced all the wires through the key, amp gauge, circuit breaker, starter solinoid. Brand new battery.

Does anyone been through this before? Any ideas? Do you think the stator is toast.

I don't have a spare engine to start swapping parts out.

Thanks in advance.
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Ive never had a charging stator problem on one of these old K series Twins, I cant offer alot of insight on this particular engine but one thing I would check for, is the 2 wires coming off the stator under the flywheel, make sure neither of them have continuity to the block/ground...
With the engine running, are you getting AC current at the wires off the coil? If you are getting proper current there, and nothing out of the Reg/Rec, then its for sure a bad reg/rec.
Sounds like a bad stator ring to me...
Its pretty simple, magnets rotating around a ring of coiled wire, it should make electricity, even with one magnet slightly damaged.

Going from one wire off the stator, to ground should make X volts, and going off the other wire should be almost exactly the same..going to both at the same time should equal The sum of both readings. And as I recall your meter should be on AC volts. As the stator makes AC power. There will be a rectifier or Diode to break the AC into usable DC power for charging the battery.
If you are talking about the old Delco Remy Reg/Rec...I havent a clue, never had one fail to work.

Id investigate just adding diodes into the harness if thats possible.
This setup is not like a briggs with the diode in the Stator wire. The Stator leads feed right into about a 2" by 2" steel box, the box has diodes in it, as well as multiple relays and switches. It rectifies the current to DC and regulates the charging system...Its all built into the steel box.

Ive got a couple in the shop somewhere...Ill see if I can find one. Been years since I screwed with one.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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