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Bolens 1250

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I have this early 1967 Bolens that I would like to know what is is worth. It has a Wisconsin 12.5 HP single cyl engine that has been rebuilt by a professional engine shop. The piston and rings are .030 oversize.The chassi and hydro/transaxle has been totally gone thru and anything that was needed was installed. New input hydro shaft seal,"O"rings etc. All metal was sand blasted down to bare metal primed and repainted.


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Well just figuring that it sold for close to $1000 back in 67, you could buy a decent auto for that kind of money. I know the work you do and based on what you did it should be worth the price of a good used car today. Of course it would take someone who appreciates old machinery and good workmanship on your behalf. I hope others chime in here.
very nice tractor and craftsmanship...having said that we all know we will not get out of our restors what we have into them. Personally i feel value is based on what 2 people decide on...i would pay up to 1500 for a tractor like this
Why are you selling it?
I am NOT selling it. I just wanted to hear what others thought it might be worth.
Great tractors but I've never seen one bring over $500,I have a very nice one that runs great but the rear has problems I paid $200 for have a parts machine to switch the rear out of.
Being it's in nice shape, and assuming it has no deck or attachments, (I see weights though) imo I would say $600 where I'm at.
I couldn't buy the tires or wheel weights for the prices I have seen here. I think the museum is going to get a very nice tractor donated to it. Thanks guys for your honesty and help.
Knowing What you did on it I would be willing to spend over a grand easy, prob 1500.
that,s one reason i don,t go in for full restores. if not for personal can never recoup the amount of money or time spent.not to say that,s not a great restore.its just the way it is.fred .you did a great job on it.and as forrest gump would say.and that.s all i have to say about that.
You're right there are some incredible bargains in garden tractors around these days,in about 10 years it'll probably all change and the prices will shoot up just like they did with full size antique farm tractors.
That tractor is in new or better condition. Better because of the paint I used. There is not one thing wrong with it. Just the rebuild on the S/G would scare the average man. I don't restore these to have to do them again after one trip around the garden.
Thanks again guys, I like kicking things like this around.
With all the work, time and money you put into it it is as good as new will last a long time. Personally I would not sell it because no one will give you what it is worth. There are very few Bolens that are restored to factory conditions with engine rebuilds etc... Keep it for a show piece or like you say donate it to a very nice local antique museum.
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