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Bolens 1054-what to do with it?

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Long story short-Spotted and bought a non running 1054 for cheap.Couldn't pass it up.Engine was removed and in pieces in several boxes. Engine not all there,lots of misc. parts missing including the starter-genny and gas tank. Would need many parts and machine work to save it. So- being as this is a one year only tractor,correct? A one year only tractor is not as common I suppose. Would it be a bad thing to do a re-power? The tractor is not pristine,but has not been butchered, has all the typical rust,dings,scrapes to be expected.It obviously spent some time under the big blue roof. Will need rewired,seals, belts, seat cover,better tires,etc. etc. In my eyes its too good to part out or scrap.I have a nice running B&S Vanguard 16 hp that would fit. For now it is pushed in the back of the barn.Just what I needed, another project,LOL, I still haven't completely finished my 1477 or the repowered 1050 yet.And- I recently spotted a couple more tube frames behind a shed the other day.This must be some kind of addiction.Tell me I am not alone with this problem!
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Sounds like its still save-able from your description. I'm not a fan of 'repowers' but if it can be done without cutting or hacking anything and someone could still get it to original condition down the road I dont think it would be a bad thing.
There's lots of Wisconsin motors out there so you may be able to find one pretty cheap. If you look for them they are out there, got a Running TRA10D, for $40 and just picked an S8D up at an auction for $22 in PA that turned out to be a good runner as well I'm putting in my 900.

Dont let the parts for the Wisconsins scare you, 90% of them are still available from the factory (I am a Wisconsin parts dealer)

Have any pictures?
Definitely save it if you can. :)
I do plan on saving it.I would not do any modifications to the tractor that could not be put back to original if need be.I would not be against puting a Wisconsin back on it.I know already about finding wisconsin parts,have rebuilt a TRA-12D and an S14D. My 1050 had already been cut,drilled,welded,etc. in a rather crude repower by someone.I saved it from going to the scrap yard and gave it a second chance.It got re-repowered with a kohler command and is somewhat modified from original. I used it last winter with a Sno-caster and mowed with it all this summer.Nice little tractors those tube frames!
Hope this works,first time posting a picture. 1054 as I brought it home except for a different front tire.


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