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Bolens 1050 ignition switch problem

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On my other 1050 I have the coil hooked up to a toggle switch which turns the tractor off. Today I wanted to convert it back to the original key system.I hooked up the wires all correctly and Using the key Ignition the tractor turned over, but no spark. Then I double checked all the wires and they were all correct. I even replaced the entire key Igniton and still no spark.
The new ignition unit I bought says magneto instead of ignition on the prongs, could that have to do with it not getting spark because its a battery ignition?.
I have Re-wired many Bolens before and never had this problem before,any thoughts?
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The magneto terminal is open when running, and shorts to ground when the key is turned off. This kills teh spark when you turn the key off.

So, if your coil were hooked to the M, then it wouldn't have any juice. I would use a meter to find the pin on the ign switch that has 12V with the key on, and when cranking, and hook that one to the coil. I looked for a 1050 wiring schematic, but didn't see one yet, but assume you just have 12V going to the coil +.

You have to go to the sticky section and refer to the Medium tube frame repair manual. I think in chapter two it will show wiring diagrams and a one line diagram as to how the innards of the switch works. You'll probably find that a continuity tester will be helpfull.

Ok, thanks for the info.I forgot all about those diagrams on this site:duh:
I'll let you know if I get it running tomorrow
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