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Boiled Cider BBQ Sauce

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Back in November, I posted about making Boiled Cider aka Apple Cider Syrup. It's been a big hit with everyone who has tasted it, and is really good on waffles, pancakes and vanilla ice cream. Before the end of apple season, we made 4 or 5 batches. Because the apple farm used different varieties of apples for each cider run, every batch of syrup had a different character (color, flavor, etc).

I even did a little experiment and learned that, if you are careful, apple cider can be boiled all the way down to make hard apple candy.

Last week, we were going to grill some chicken. I found this recipe for Basic BBQ Sauce.

In place of the brown sugar and vinegar, I substituted about a quarter to half cup of boiled cider, and upped the Worcestershire sauce to about 2 tablespoons.

It was really yummy on the chicken.
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Sounds good! Apple cider and juice seem to have quite a few uses and add quite a different taste to the foods they're used in/with. Adds quite a unique flavor to the dish.
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