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Hello Tractor Gods.

My name is Dave, I am the technical director at a YMCA ( I fix anything others can't lol)
We have a Bobcat CT122 Tractor with a loader on the front and plow on the back. It was purchased new and had only 30 hours on it and then sat for the last 5 years or so with no use because the old maintenance guy had a nice A300 skid-steer that he used for everything including snow removal on the property. Well he quit and of course they want to use the little ct122 for everything. I replaced the battery and checked all the fluids and it started pretty much right up. Hydros were strong ( could lift the tractor up at low RPM).

I advised the other people operating it not to exceed around 6-800 pounds with the plow as ballast but they tried moving a stack of huge tables and since then we seem to have steadily lost power on the hydros. The bucket takes forever to go up and the 3-pt wont go up all the way with the plow on, it will with it off.

I had read in a few forums that if the hoses on the suction lines are bad then that could indicate a bad hose. I replaced all 3 on the line because they had some minor dry rot. I wasn't able to replace them with OEM hoses but I got some good ones at a local hydro shop. The guy there thought it was crazy that the thing can be at 2300 lb pressure with regular clamps eve after i told him that its the original design : P

Anyway, I tested the pump per specification in the service manual and found that the pump at full RPM is only pumping out 1200 maybe 1500 psi and it should be at 2250 according to the manual. I tried adjusting per manual directions, the main relief valve on the flow control valve assembly and that didnt do anything. There is no relief valve on the right joystick valve assembly ( although it indicates there is one on the valve...weird)

I also have heard a dirty modulation valve or relief valve can be the problem. Im pretty sure at this point since the rear 3-pt and bucket hydros have the same crappy performance then it must be the pump? I'd hate to take the pump off and have it rebuilt if thats not the problem especially since the loader brackets have to come off, i know its only 8 bolts but it just doesnt sound fun. Anyway, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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