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Bobcat 743 won't run above idle

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I have a bobcat 743 with a kubota diesel engine. Today out of the blue the engine lost power, ran rough, like it was loaded up and stalled. I had recently filled up with off road fuel so thinking it might be the fuel, I Changed fuel filter, drained and washed out fuel tank, replaced fuel lines in tank, filled up with new diesel, bled the air out of the system. Got it running, will run at an idle, but when idled up, it starts to run rough and will stall. It will not restart after, once it sits for a few minutes, it will restart, idles alittle but then the same symptoms occur. Any suggestions please.
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Is the fuel primer bulb collapsed after it shut off? Check to see if this is happening. If it is 1 of 2 things is happening, The screen in the tank is clogged or the tank is collapsing on itself. The screen in the tank isnt so bad but if the tank is collapsed that calls for engine removal:praying:. How old is the machine? What year? Does the engine sit long ways in the frame or sideways? Does it smoke really heavy while idleing? How bout the air fliter, is it in good shape? Are you sure that theirs no air in the fuel lines? It could be just the primer bulb also.
thanks for the reply, no, the fuel bulb is not collapsing. I have pulled the fuel tank out of the machine, pulled the tubes out of it, replaced them, cleaned out the screens, and washed the tank out. The machine is a 1985 bobcat 743. The engine sits front to back. I will check the air filter, i have bled the lines from the fuel filter to the injectors. As for smoking while, it runs clean.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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