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blowout safety

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Thanks for positng this Forkz, this is stuff too often ignored. If you drive a bit, you see them on the side of the highways every week.
Good video but missing 1 very important point... and in fact i would argue that the missed point is a mistake that is most commonly made.

The guy said tire-flex (that causes heat) is caused by an overload. He also said that another factor is speed. All good.

There is a 3rd factor. Tire pressure.
You may have 75% of rated load - so not overloading at all.... but because your tire pressure is too low, the tire will still flex excessively, leading to overheat, and still blow-out. Don't ask me how I know.

He did mention to make sure to not adjust tire pressure when the tire is hot... but he did not say to ensure that you use correct tire pressure, even with partial-loads.

Just want to make sure we all play it safe.

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