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Blowing fuses on at T1670

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Hi folks,

I inherited a T1670 last fall and finally decided to try it out. I had to remove the mower when I stored it. After putting the battery back in and installing a new plug, it ran fine; I was able to drive it out to a location where I installed the mower; I started it up and it ran until I engaged the PTO. It then blew the 20 amp fuse and went dead. I checked the belts - nothing out of place and replaced the fuse. With the PTO disengaged, it ran for 2 seconds and blew another fuse. I looked it over for an exposed wire in case it was shorting out, but I can't find anything. Any ideas?

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Welcome aboard Birchw1.
Since it continues to blow the fuse even when the pto isn't engaged I suspect a wire has gotten pinched either by the mowers linkage and/or near where the belt(s) route.
You said you went over it pretty good but sometimes I've found that I can stare at something for hrs and not see the obvious problem, only to walk away, take a break and come back later and see it plain as day :D

Is the pto manual or electric?

Another thought would be related to it sitting alot. Connectors/connections can corrode over time and grounds can be lost as well as circuits openning up.
You'd probably do well to get some electronic contact cleaner, open up all of the connectors one at a time while giving them a good shower. Then remove any grounds clean up the connector/connection then reattach.

Good luck
I had a seat safety switch wire get pinched once and drive me nuts trying to find it...
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