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Hi folks,

I had some trouble finding a correct part number for a core plug block heater for my Cub Cadet 6284 with the Caterpillar 3011C (Perkins) 1.1L 3-cyl diesel. Five Star Manufacturing, makers of Kat's Heaters, didn't have an application and couldn't help me when I contacted them.

I took a chance on a Kat's 11402 heater for a 35mm core hole, and this ended up working fine.

To install, I drained the coolant down using the lower radiator hose (the drain spigot is on the right side of the engine behind the coolant bottle if you want to use that instead). I popped the left front core plug using a hammer and screwdriver without damage, and it fell into the water jacket, but not very far. I fished it out with long-nose pliers.

After cleaning up the paint off the inside of the bore, I wetted the heater O-ring with coolant and put it in the core hole with the heater element in the 6 o'clock position. I tightened the screw and had some trouble with the washer under the screw, but got it situated eventually. I found that it was important to wiggle the heater around to make sure it's seated. Initially I didn't have the screw tight enough and could move the heater around a bit, but I tightened it up just until it couldn't move.

I refilled the coolant, ran the engine to circulate it, topped it off, and then tried the heater for 15 minutes. The block on that side got warm, so it seems to be working. No cold weather here yet so we'll see how it goes this winter.

If there's interest I can take some photos; I meant to while I was out there earlier.

Just leaving some clues here for other 6284 owners. :tango_face_smile:
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