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Blade position on Duraforce

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Hi Everyone:

I have found recommendations for mounting a blade parallel or perpendicular to connecting rod at top dead center for C & D engines, but have not seen anything regarding the Duraforce engine.

Is anyone aware of any directions from Lawn-Boy on how to position the blade on a Duraforce?

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First, I have no clue as to whether it makes a difference on a Duraforce or not. I tried searching the service manual but came up with nothing. With that being said I will point out that on the D and F series, Lawnboy does address orientation of the blade. I have actually corrected excessive vibration on a couple of different Lawnboys, both D and F series. This after checking and balancing the blade and still having a vibration. I guess it couldn't hurt on a Duraforce to try either parallel or perpendicular but only if you are having a vibration problem after balancing the blade. Good luck! Bill
Yes, you are correct. I always remember it by relating parallel to the two lines in the letter "F".
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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