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Big wood

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I hauled this home yesterday. I was only able to get 18 pieces on a 6'x10' trailer.

Fiskars X27 handled this effortlessly. The Makita 6401 is a dream in big wood.:thThumbsU

36 pieces after the Fiskars. This was one round.

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Nice wood, nice load... BTW.. YES you need a bigger trailer..
Last year a tree service delivered free of charge, (OK I lied, I gave them a 12 pack of Mountain Dew), black walnut that was much larger than those in the pictures. They dropped them in the ditch in front of the house. Busted it all into fire wood.:drunkie:
:crybaby: breaking my heart.. :crybaby:
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What is there to burn in Alberta besides Alders?
Spruce, pine, poplar, and tamarack if your lucky..

I'm at the limit with the 18" bar/Stihl 310 on this white oak, it's 5' through at the trunk.
I split(by hand) two 10' limbs the other day & almost got a rick & i haven't gotten to the big limbs yet:crybaby:
I've got wood piles scattered everywhere & we only use it in the backyard pit.

wow.. some nice counter tops in that tree.. shame its fire wood..
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The trunk is actually going to tables, i borrowed a 36" saw & got it cleaned up to the split, it's 16' even though it dosen't look it in the pic.
We're just waiting for the ground to dry to get a big truck in to get it. I'm making several benches out of some of the limbs.

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Green Guy.. Nice pics.. Love the fire wood . err outside work table.. I'm not sure what all i would do with rounds that big.. Be a shame to cut up into fire wood.
Jere... your outta my league.. no way could i split that :Stop::Stop:

Your big poplar.. I would cut split that sucker if its not rotted out. BUT i dont have hardwoods here..

Nice pictures guys..
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