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Big wood

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I hauled this home yesterday. I was only able to get 18 pieces on a 6'x10' trailer.

Fiskars X27 handled this effortlessly. The Makita 6401 is a dream in big wood.:thThumbsU

36 pieces after the Fiskars. This was one round.

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Last year a tree service delivered free of charge, (OK I lied, I gave them a 12 pack of Mountain Dew), black walnut that was much larger than those in the pictures. They dropped them in the ditch in front of the house. Busted it all into fire wood.:drunkie:
Please tell me you are joking about busting and burning black walnut. Please?

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You guys are absolutely killin me with bustin and splittin all of those nice beautiful lumber logs...:crybaby:

Take those Black Walnut logs for example, they could have been sold for enough $$ to buy you some decent firewood and have some $ left over for Momma to buy a new pair of shoes with...:banghead3
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I agree with Jere 39.

The tree service dumped the black walnut in the yard for one reason. It was cheaper for them to give it to me than waste time on it. The probably got the lion's share of a 10 -$100 bills to drop, chip and get rid of the wood. They didn't have to pay a tipping charge at the land fill and my house was close.

For me, what am I going to do with it? I don't have a huge flatbed truck to haul it. Besides that nice straight grain splits nice.:fing32:

Third, mills are leary of buying wood that has lived in a urban enviroment all it's life. Too great a chance of metal in it, i.e. nails, screws, staples.
The mills that I use to saw logs into lumber usually go over the logs with a metal detector before sawing into them. Doing that can save a blade or two easily... I'm not sure but...where you are folks with sawmills might be harder to locate. I am actually looking for someone around where I live that has a portable sawmill.
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For this project we had a skid steer, an excavator and several Ford dually strokers with goose neck trailers to haul the wood away. One section was 10 feet long, that was cut into boards, the rest as you see was for firewood.. This was the second project for the "BIG SAW". I currently have a 53 inch diameter maple that was removed from Main Street in downtown Nichols,NY. Haven't counted the rings yet, but it has to be 200 years old! Haven't found anyone interested in any slices of the old maple, so it will go to firewood.
Wow! That's a big maple. I wish I were closer to you because I would love to have some of that lumber. Is there a sawmill close that might be willing to buy it from you?
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The guy that dumped the maple in my field had cut it in 5- 6 foot lengths, plus it has hardware in it, I found it!!! Do you know how many teeth on a 50 inch bar length? A LOT! So , regrettably it isn't suitable for lumber. The same guy did dump a huge pine also, my dad has a guy coming with a portable ban saw to make boards.
Yeah, it's too bad that someone put nails, wire, etc in that tree. Totally ruins the wood. When the guy finishes sawing up that huge pine send him to Alabama, I have a really nice big red oak that I need to get sawed up. :fing32:
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