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What is the major difference between the MM "BG" and the MM "BF". Just looking I see very little. This is a "BG" Bob
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A BG is offset to the left and narrower rear tread width. Also front axle reversed.
Very nice tractor. Thanks for posting.
of course you know that those are averys that where painted and re decaled after mm bought out the avery tractor company in louisville ky, 90% of the original ones i have seen, will still show evedence of the original colors
Here's my BF. Grandpa bought it in 51.

I'm building a BG now. Frame's about done, engine is next. BG sets to one side and has differences. Steering is outside box on side of frame, the linkage is all diff than others with box in nose. The 3pt lift link is diff place and shape, brakes on left operate diff, there's no foot rest on left like on BF, the dashes are diff places. Thus the steering support is diff too. The PTO with belt pulley is sticking out opposite side on BG (I don't have this). These are diff items I've come accross. OH, the seat mount/operators platorm is diff too. Just enough diffs to make it all irritating to find parts. There was NO Avery model similar to the BG, BUT, the Cockshutt 20 is same rear/trans and axle parts. Very hard to find those and expensive! This shot from another owner showing dash, brake links, etc. My front axle shot was too big to post.


Nice BG Grumpy I have one I am restoring, I am having a problem with cable guard that goes on the torque tube below the battery box, my guard has 4 holed in it but it don't match the holes on the torque tube


I trying to ID the correct part on my BG, it is the cable guard that goes on top of the torque tube I have one but it don't fit, the holes don't line up correct. It looks like the one in the BG part manual it has 4 holes but they font match the holes on my BG toqure tube , had anyone has a similar problem, I will try and get a picture if I can figure how to upload photos
This the little tin guard going along the tube? They are different between the BF and BG. I never found one for my BG, but ran accross a couple and even bought off a BF hoping to modify it to fit. I never got that done, decided too much diff to try. Seems a couple bolts, and the cut-outs for the cables/wires to pass were differences, and maybe even length, can't recall for sure.
Thanks Grumpy for the reply, I have decided to leave the cable guard off for now, I would have to removed a lots of items fix it correct, thinks I will just enjoy it the way it is, I don't have the skills to build a show tractor, so i am just doing the best I can, I did get some good parts from Mr. Bill Willams in north Ms, he is a good guy and has a lot of BG and BF parts.
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