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Better Traction

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After reading many many posts on MTF here's what I did to my 2012 GT 6000. Simply filled the back tires with windshield washer fluid. 6 gallons per tire.

Along with the 55# weights it will climb straight up a 30 degree hill without spinning a tire in dry grass. It will easily back up a 20 degree slope on dry grass which is an incredible improvement!!! NO CHAINS NEEDED :fing32:

This is a must improvement for anyone wishing to improve traction. It will even pull much better. Apply slight pedal pressure and it will pull right out without spinning. Originally, I was stuck nearly everywhere.
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Howdy from another Pennsylvania neighbor, and welcome to MyTractorForum!

Yes the difference with what you've done is as clear as night and day.

If you move onto heavier tasks, go with R-1 ag tyres, 7 gallons of Rim Guard per tyre (if you're in an environment where it freezes), use chains, and 100 - 200+ lbs of cast iron wheel weights per tire, you'll notice an even larger jump than the one you recently experienced.

I pumped 7 gallons of water into the turf tires of the 2011 GT6000, and the difference was huge. The GT6000 only cuts grass and pulls an occasional load, so at the moment, there's no need for bigger guns.

I recently put F-2 tri ribs on the front of the 2011 GT6000, and the steering wheel's not only exponentially lighter, but also the tractor turns much better now.

Cheers and again, welcome to the forum,
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The height difference between my Carlisle Tire 16x6.50x8 2 ply Turf Savers and the Deestone F-2 4.00-8 tires was nominal. According to the charts, the Deestone 4 ply F-2s is 0.1 inches. I haven't had a chance to cut with them yet, but thus far, if there's any difference in height/clearance, it's nominal if at all.

I couldn't find American made F-2s to fit 8 inch wheels, so I had to buy foreign ones. I purchased them here:

*Note, that's for a pair of tires and not just one. Furthermore, it will calculate the shipping before you place the order.

Good luck, and I hope to see your posts, threads, and photos in the future,
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